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DSE 2024 Exam Talk: Paper 2 Writing – Trend Analysis and Exam Prep.

About the course

DSE 2024 Exam Talk: Paper 2 Writing – Trend Analysis and Exam Prep.

Format: Zoom Talks (Unlimited Participants)
Duration: 60 Minutes
Language: Bilingual (Cantonese + English)

🌟 Insights

✅ Analyze trends in DSE Writing exam topics.
✅ Prediction of 2024 Writing exam HOT topics.
✅ Sharing techniques for both survival and elite performance in Paper 2.
✅ Strategies sharing for choosing topics during the exam.
✅ Explore best practices for effective preparation.

💡 Power of EHLA

EHLA is deeply committed to pioneering research in the realm of innovative English language education and teaching methodologies. Our dedication to advancing the field is reflected in our rigorous and groundbreaking research efforts. For example, we entered into an Academic Initiative Agreement, fostering collaboration with Oxford University's Department of Education to evaluate and enhance educational initiatives. Additionally, our "Piloting Schemes" benefit many day schools in Hong Kong, embodying our commitment to educational excellence.

Our research on DSE exams goes beyond traditional methods. At EHLA, we leverage the latest educational technology and learning techniques to create Mock Papers for every facet of the DSE exam. Our innovative DSE learning resources, available at, are the result of extensive collaboration with our team in Hong Kong and Oxford linguists, ensuring top-tier quality.

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