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Online Class Rules and Guidelines

How to attend a Zoom class

To take EHLA classes, you need to log onto your student account and then enter Zoom through the EHLA App or website. To prevent other unregistered students from entering the class, we will not provide the Zoom link directly.

Method 1: Download the EHLA App

App store
google play

Method 2: Login via website

Class Rules and Policies

The Camera Must Be Turned on during Class to Avoid Being Removed from the Class

Late or Absent from Small Group/Big Class

Cancellation Policy for Small Group/ Big Class

Equipment or Network Issues

How to Book A Class

After parents pay the class tuition fee, we will inject/store the corresponding number of class vouchers into the parent account.

To easily understand the difference between parent and student accounts. Here is an easy-to-remember concept:

For the use of the class voucher to do a booking (make reservation) for classes, log onto the parent account (because it can prevent children from using it indiscriminately);

For other matters such as taking classes and study, the student account is needed for learning purposes.