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Elite Native Writing Class (Primary school)

About the course

Elite Native Writing Class (Primary school)

Suitable for:
Primary school elite students /  international school students
Small class: no more than 4 people
Class duration: 40 minutes

🎯 Elite writing skills
To teach various elite writing skills, including but not limited to similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, personification, building tension and suspense, and the application of advanced verbs, connectives, adjectives, adverbs...

🎯 Various text types
To explore various text types, including
descriptive stories, fiction, non-fiction, recount, peoms, news report, arguments ...

🎯 Creative writing elements
To teach students how to construct a beautiful writing work step by step. In the meantime, it strengthens their abilities in applying a wide range of words and writing longer, more complex and grammatical sentences.

🎯 Advanced picture composition
To inspire students to use their imaginations on the basis of limited or relatively simple picture materials, to conceive richer storylines, to describe more details, or to create more intriguing story endings.  Meanwhile, students are guided to use more complex sentence structures and advanced vocabulary to write the stories.

🎯 Advanced vocabulary in use
To guide students to diversify the application of vocabulary for their writing, so that the overall quality of their work can be enhanced to a new higher level.


👉 Subscription for after-class grading service

Considering the high quality of the curriculum and the costs of our top-notch teachers, the class tuition fees are still relatively lower than that of others in the market, students need to subscribe for the after-class writing correction and grading service.  Specially discounted subscription fee for correction and grading service for this course: each time of service on average - HK$68 (normal price:HK$98). The grading work will be done in person by native English speaking teachers.

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