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Foundation Vocabulary and Sentences Boosting Class

About the course

🎓 Foundation Vocabulary & Sentences Boosting Class (Primary School)

📍Parents' Headaches
When students promote to higher grade, their English proficiency becomes weaker and weaker, and they find more and more difficult to catch up with the learning progress. Parents have been struggling to enroll students in different English language classes, but the results have never been satisfactory.

The reason is that children's vocabulary foundation is so weak that they fall behind too much, which directly affects their reading, writing, grammar, speaking and English listening proficiency. If the vocabulary proficiency is not strengthened as soon as possible and with full force, learning in other areas will be largely restricted. For example, when a student reads an article and does not know a lot of words, it will not be effective to learn other skills.

🔑 Scientific & Effective Learning & Teaching Approach

For non-English speaking students, in response to their actual situations and difficulties in learning English. The top tier team of educators of EHLA has developed a scientific and efficient teaching and learning approach in this area to help improve students' vocabulary.

Native English Speaking Teachers Zoom class

🎯 Teach students key words and sentences in the most plain English
🎯 Teach pronunciation and reading aloud
🎯 Class notes are provided with Chinese auxiliary explanations to ensure that students can fully understand and absorb the class content.

🔮Course content
The curriculum covers primary school text vocabulary listed by major Hong Kong publishing houses to meet students' minimum vocabulary learning requirements.


In addition, students can subscribe the following booster at HK$168 per month, and if students have attended 4 classes per month, they can enjoy a $68 subscription.

School Textbook Vocabulary & Spelling Booster - AI-powered features for exam-prep

🎯 Spelling booster
🎯 Dictation performance booster
🎯 Pronunciation booster
🎯 Comprehension booster
🎯 AI diagnostic & remedial learning
🎯 YLE/Trinity exam vocab booster

Video demo & introduction:

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