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Discover the World with Native English Teachers - Speak & Read Leap Programme

About the course

Discover the World with Native English Teachers - Speak & Read Leap Programme

Reading and speaking are vital foundations of English! This class provides an immersive English learning environment and opportunities for children to explore and discover the world under the guidance of native English speaker teachers. Through the interactions with teachers in the class, students' reading, listening and speaking proficiencies will be greatly enhanced. Meanwhile, it can also greatly broaden their horizons and knowledge.

Subject areas:
Daily life, climate, environmental protection, science, culture, poam, geology, biology...

Course objectives:

🎯 Through the above subject areas, students will be able to develop their language skills related to the subject, improve their ability to use fluent English to conduct meaningful discussions on various topics;

🎯 to greatly broaden students' horizons and enhance their ability to conduct research, data search and analysis;

🎯 Another valuable part of this class is that the class brings together different knowledge areas, so that students can continue to absorb knowledge related to life, society and the world in one single course;

🎯 to correct students' pronunciation problems in class;

🎯 to boost up students' vocabulary proficiency on various subject areas, which will benefit a great deal their writing and reading proficiencies.

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