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Foundation English Speaking (Oral) & Writing Class

About the course

📅Class arrangement
Students will take turns in English speaking (oral) class and English writing class every other week.

This class is suitable for students with lower or weaker English proficiency

👉 to firstly consolidate their foundation step-by-step. After achieving that, they can then choose a class with a higher level of ability to learn for ability leaps.

👉 to provide a necessary English environment and opportunities for them to immerse themselves in learning. Under the guidance of native speaker teachers, they will be able to:

🎯 learn basic English conversation
🎯 Improve English pronunciation
🎯 improve basic English writing, pictures composition and pictures description
🎯 absorb key words and expressions related to writing topics

👉 The key areas of school assessment that many students are afraid of

English writing, pictures composition and pictures description are important areas that need to be assessed throughout the primary school stage, which pose great challenges to many students.  Mastering the vocabulary and expressions of various daily life related topics is one of the aims of this class.

👉 Benefits of native speaker teachers' teaching

Most of the students with weak English foundation lack an English environment.  To make a real progress of improvement, they need to immerse themselves in an good English speaking environment, learn to interact, listen and speak with native speaker teachers.  This is what parents and local teachers have difficulties to assist.
v In order to allow all students to absorb the teaching in class, the key vocabulary and expressions will be specially supported with Chinese explanations in the class material.

❓ Writing homework after class?  Grading and correction? 

This class provides optional writing exercises after class. In order not to waste students' learning time, they are not required to write on the spot in the class. It is optional for students to submit their work after class.  If you need a teacher to to grade and correct the work, you need to subscribe to the writing grading and correction service at $98 for each piece of work. 

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