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English Conversation Class/Primary students

About the course

English Conversation Class/Primary students
Duration: 30 minutes (via Zoom)
Class Size: Up to 3 students
Instructor: Native English-speaking teacher from EHLA
Levels Offered:
Basic / Intermediate

👉For 5th and 6th graders with advanced English skills, they can opt for the "English Interview Preparation for Secondary School Admission" class.

(I)Practical Conversations
(II)Describing various everyday scenes
(III)Higher-Level Questions & Answers

Background and Goals:

The investment in English-speaking resources in Hong Kong schools is woefully inadequate, leading to weak oral English skills among students. Many students struggle with even basic daily English conversations and Q&As. Moreover, the tutors’ ability in many local tutoring centres to teach more standard English conversation is lacking. This course aims to overcome these challenges by offering practical curriculum design, allowing students to progressively enhance their English speaking abilities under the guidance of native English-speaking instructors.

Course Introduction:

The following are excerpts of some content. The actual class material will be richer and more abundant. The specific content will be adjusted according to different English levels, ensuring students can learn and absorb the material easily.

(I)Practical Conversations
• On the Street: How to answer when a foreigner asks for directions?
• At the Bus Stop: How to respond when a foreigner asks which bus to take?
• In the MTR: How to tell a foreigner where to get off or transfer?
• In the Clinic: How to express discomfort to the doctor?
• At School: How to tell a foreign teacher where and how a classmate got injured?
• On the Phone: How to answer a call?
• Asking for Help: How to tell someone your location?
• Offering Help: How to ask someone, "Do you need my help?" or "Are you okay?" or "Shall I call an ambulance?"
• In the Restaurant: How to order your favorite food?
• In the Cinema: How to buy tickets? Popcorn? Soda?
• At the Playground: How to say not to cut in line?
• In the Library: How to borrow or return books?
• While Shopping: How to ask the price? Which one you prefer?
• Getting a Haircut: How to describe the desired hairstyle?
And more...

How to say:

• What you like/dislike
• What you enjoy doing
• Where you want to go play
• What are your wishes?
• How are you feeling?
• Weather
• Your family
• Your favorite animals
And more...

(II)Describing various everyday scenes

How to describe various scenes:
• Beach scenes
• Busy streets
• Traffic congestion
• Rainy and windy weather
• Zoological and botanical parks
• Sports arenas
• Festivals
• Library
• Accidents
• School
• Competitions
• Firefighters fighting a fire
• Theme parks
• Supermarkets
• Ambulances aiding people
• Doctor visits
• Bus stops
• Rural areas
• Shopping
• Playing with small animals
• Getting a haircut
• Movie theaters
• Waiting in line
• Doing housework
And more...

(III)Higher-Level Questions & Answers (Required to answer: Why?):

How to answer:
• How do you describe yourself?
• If you could realize one wish, what would it be?
• Who is your favorite idol?
• What are your strengths and weaknesses?
• What is the one thing you dislike the most?
• Do you think friends are important?
• Do you like volunteering? Is volunteering important?
• Do you think keeping pets is good? What to consider?
• Do you know what environmental protection is? Is it important?
• What should we do to protect the Earth?
• What movies have you seen? Which is your favorite?
• What books have you read? Which is your favorite?
And more...

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