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YLE Movers +Trinity Grade 3&4 -Vocab & Sentence Boosting Class

About the course

Suitable for K2 to P1 kids
Suitable for P2 to P3


This class is to provide a precious English speaking and learning environment for pre-school kids and students at the early learning stage of primary school, allowing them to immerse themselves in learning English. Our native English-speaking teachers will teach and guide children to absorb various arrays of English vocabulary and sentences required for YLE and Trinity exams. Meanwhile, it greatly improve their English listening proficiency.  The benefit of this class to children can be obviously observed.


🌻 Native English-speaking teachers help the struggling parents to teach and guide kids to learn and absorb English language;

🌻 The class is rich in content covering suggested key words and sentence structures for YLE and Trinity exams;

🌻 The class relieves the headaches of lack of English speaking and learning environment.