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Picture composition

Picture composition

YLE Movers +Trinity Grade 3&4 -Vocab & Sentence Boosting Class

Suitable for K2 to P1 kids
Suitable for P2 to P3


This class is to provide a precious English speaking and learning environment for pre-school kids and students at the early learning stage of primary school, allowing them to immerse themselves in learning English. Our native English-speaking teachers will teach and guide children to absorb various arrays of English vocabulary and sentences required for YLE and Trinity exams. Meanwhile, it greatly improve their English listening proficiency.  The benefit of this class to children can be obviously observed.


🌻 Native English-speaking teachers help the struggling parents to teach and guide kids to learn and absorb English language;

🌻 The class is rich in content covering suggested key words and sentence structures for YLE and Trinity exams;

🌻 The class relieves the headaches of lack of English speaking and learning environment.

(A) Writing Class - Skills and Sample Essay Tutoring | Please read the instructions before making an appointment!

ğŸŽ“ English Writing Skills Crafting Class | Important Notice Before Booking Classes! 👉 Please read the following 🔊Important Information on Homework Submission and Grading 🔊Q&A 🔮🔮🔮 Key Features 🍀 Native Writing All sample essays are crafted by outstanding British and American teachers according to students' cognitive and intellectual levels. Achieving a "native writing" style is often challenging for local English teachers. Local teachers' works tend to carry a “Local English" flavor without their awareness, rather than the authentic British or American writing and speaking style. Learning native writing is crucial! 🍀 Course Coverage: Diverse writing topics in mainstream schools, including picture-based compositions. 🍀 A Comprehensive Course with Multiple Objectives: ğŸŽ¯ Enhancing overall English writing proficiency ğŸŽ¯ Improving exam-taking skills and techniques ğŸŽ¯ Mastering writing and expression on various life topics ğŸŽ¯ Expanding vocabulary related to everyday themes ğŸŽ¯ Enhancing practical writing abilities for students 🍀 School Assessment Focus That Most Students Fear English writing, picture-based English description, and picture-based composition are significant areas of assessment throughout primary education. Particularly in the sections involving picture-based writing and description, the varying content and wide range of pictures pose a considerable challenge to most students (including high-achieving students). Specifically, they need to master vocabulary and expressions related to everyday life in both speaking and writing aspects. 🍀 Highly Targeted Masterclass This class is designed specifically to help students overcome their fears and enhance their abilities in these crucial assessment areas of "speaking" and "writing." 🍀 Benefits of Having Native English Speaker Teachers "English writing," "picture-based English description," and "picture-based composition" all involve describing various life subjects, picture content, or scenarios. Particularly in classroom teaching related to "speaking" and delivering authentic situational English descriptions, foreign teachers possess advantages that local teachers typically lack. 🔊🔊🔊 Important Information on Homework Submission and Grading To avoid wasting class time, the teacher will assign writing homework after class, and students can choose to complete it on their own. If students choose to submit their writing assignments, please take note of the following requirements: 1. Students must first book the subsequent class in advance (with the same teacher and time slot) and submit their writing assignment before the next class. The teacher will spend a short amount of time during the class providing comments and guidance on the previous assignment (as the low tuition fee does not cover post-class grading). 2. There is no arrangement for late submissions if students fail to submit their writing assignments before the subsequent class. 3. Students must write and submit the assigned topic and cannot choose their own writing prompts. The reason for this is to maximize the effectiveness of the class, allowing students within the class (no more than 4 students) to learn from each other's compositions on the same topic, highlighting the strengths and addressing any issues encountered by fellow classmates. 4. Submission method: a) Log in to the website: b) Go to the scheduled class box for the subsequent class and click on the "Submit Essay" button. c) After the class, students can view the grading report in the same location or app. 🔊🔊🔊 Q&A 1. [Question]: Can I submit the writing assignment after a subsequent class if I miss the next class? [Answer]: No, it is not possible. This would disrupt the class and the teacher would have to review and provide feedback on two or more different writing prompts during the same class, severely affecting students' learning and absorption. 2. [Question]: Can I submit the writing assignment to another teacher's writing class? [Answer]: No, it is not allowed. This would disrupt the class as the teacher would have to review and provide feedback on two or more different writing prompts during the same class, severely affecting students' learning and absorption. 3. [Question]: Will the teacher grade the assignments after class? [Answer]: Due to the low tuition fee for this course, it is not feasible for the teacher to grade assignments after class. The teacher will spend a short amount of time during the subsequent class to provide comments and guidance on the assigned homework. 4. [Question]: What if a student is unable to attend class due to illness on the class day? [Answer]: If parents can provide a medical certificate, we will refund the class voucher to the parent's account. If there is a medical certificate and the student has already booked the subsequent class with the same teacher and time slot, we will handle the situation separately and allow the student to submit the homework later. 5. [Question]: If a student is unable to book the subsequent class or fails to do so, is there another way to submit the assignment for grading? [Answer]: We strongly recommend that students book at least two classes in advance to avoid any difficulties in reserving spots later on. If a student misses the subsequent class (regardless of whether it was due to an inability to book or other reasons), no late submissions will be accepted (as explained in the first point above). Students may choose to contact us separately to subscribe to additional grading services.

Writing, Picture Composition & Speaking (Exam driven)

ğŸŽ“Writing, Picture Composition & Speaking

v 👉 One course for multiple purposes:

ğŸŽ¯ Improve writing skills
ğŸŽ¯ Improve speaking proficiency
ğŸŽ¯ Improve vocabulary proficiency
ğŸŽ¯ Improve pronunciation accuracy
ğŸŽ¯ Enhance exam taking skills

👉 Achilles heel of many students

Writing, picture composition and picture storytelling are the key areas to be assessed throughout the primary school stage.  They pose great challenges to a large number of students (including elite students). Students need to master a wide range of vocabulary and expressions for various topics in both speaking and writing.

👉 Tailored class

This class is specially designed to help students overcome the fear of these assessment areas, and boost up their proficiency in these key areas as well as related exam taking skills.

👉 Native English speaker teachers

The teaching of writing, picture composition and picture storytelling class is delivered by native English speaker teachers, who possess advantages that local teachers do not have.