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Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Phrasal Vbs, Idiom & Language in Use

About the course

🎓 Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Phrasal Vbs, Idiom & Language in Use Teaching language: bilingual (mainly English + supplementary Cantonese ) Class duration: 50 minutes FEATURES 🌻 A lot of interactions In the zoom class, the teacher and students will have a lot of question-and-answer interactions. 🌻 Broader than ordinary school curriculum This program is designed to cover a wider and deeper range of study than the ordinary school curriculum, and to better prepare students for their studies in Hong Kong's first-tier secondary schools. 🌻Reading: to greatly broaden the reading horizons In addition to guide students to proficiently apply a series of important skills in reading comprehension, students will be taught to read a great variety of genres and topics and build up related advanced vocabulary, so as to greatly broaden their reading horizons. Themes Daily life, news, climate, environmental protection, science, culture... 🌻 Grammar, Phrasal Verbs, Idiom & Language in Use Grammar usage, phrasal verbs and idioms roll into one big part where students often encounter difficulties in their exams. This Zoom class focuses on guiding and tutoring students to learn a more comprehensive knowledge on these aspects, which will largely benefit students in enhancing their English proficiencies in these areas.

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