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Grammar Usage

Grammar, Phrasal Verbs & Idioms Boosting Big Class

🎓 Story Reading Big Class

Class size: Up to 20 students
Duration: 40 minutes


To read stories to students in a very vivid way in class.


📌 The teacher read the story in a very vivid way to the students

📌 In the process of storytelling, in order to increase the interaction with the students in the classroom, which is very important, the teacher may ask the students questions from time to time and let the students answer them.


💡 Better to disable the annotation for others, to prevent students from scratching on the screen;

💡From our experience, some parents are concerned a bit that😂, their child raises her/his hand but the teacher does not give her/him a chance to answer a question throughout the class.

💡From our experience, for a big class, the more class interaction there is, the more successful the class will be, and the more students and parents will love the class.

💡 To teach a big class via Zoom, if possible the teacher is advised to connect her/his computer to another screen to show all the students, so that the teacher can always see all the students in class at a glance. It helps a lot to overcome the problems that, when the teacher is using a single screen and only 4 students are shown on the screen, it is not easy for the teacher to pick other students to answer the questions; Sometimes when some students raise their hands, the teacher doesn't know; In the case that some students are accidentally popped out of class to the waiting room by Zoom, the teacher doesn't know.

Grammar Usage (Concept Teaching) Class

Grammar usage is an important foundation for English learning and one of the keys for improving writing proficiency.  This grammar usage Zoom class delivers high-quality teaching to students and helps them

(1) consolidate the foundation;
(2) master new grammar knowledge

This class provides an excellent English speaking environment and opportunity for children to learn and interact with native speaker teachers, and improve their English reading, listening and speaking proficiency.

Grammar Boosting Class (Secondary School)


👉 幫助中學生預先學習、鞏固或補底文法知識之用。