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Writing, Picture Composition & Speaking (Exam driven)

About the course

🎓Writing, Picture Composition & Speaking

v 👉 One course for multiple purposes:

🎯 Improve writing skills
🎯 Improve speaking proficiency
🎯 Improve vocabulary proficiency
🎯 Improve pronunciation accuracy
🎯 Enhance exam taking skills

👉 Achilles heel of many students

Writing, picture composition and picture storytelling are the key areas to be assessed throughout the primary school stage.  They pose great challenges to a large number of students (including elite students). Students need to master a wide range of vocabulary and expressions for various topics in both speaking and writing.

👉 Tailored class

This class is specially designed to help students overcome the fear of these assessment areas, and boost up their proficiency in these key areas as well as related exam taking skills.

👉 Native English speaker teachers

The teaching of writing, picture composition and picture storytelling class is delivered by native English speaker teachers, who possess advantages that local teachers do not have.

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