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Topic Discussion/ Higher Order Thinking

Speaking Proficiency Boosting & Seconday Schools Interview Prep Class

《Speaking Proficiency Boosting & Seconday Schools Interview Prep Class》
In this Zoom class, native speaker teachers will guide and train students to improve and enhance their English speaking proficiency, and to better prepare for answering the interview questions. It provides a very good opportunity and English environment for students to conduct daily conversations in English and  group interview practice. The teacher will guide students to improve through the training process.

👉🏻 Read aloud in English
👉🏻 Reading comprehension Q&A
👉🏻 Picture description/storytelling
👉🏻 Self-introduction in English
👉🏻 Q&A and group discussion

Topic Discussion/Advanced Thinking/Speaking(Junior Secondary School)

Speaking/Topic Discussion(Junior Secondary School)

Course objectives:

🎯 Through the following subject areas, students can develop their language skills related to the subject, improve their ability to use fluent English to conduct in-depth discussions, and greatly broaden their vision.

Subject areas:
Daily life, news, climate, environmental protection, science, culture...

🎯 Another valuable part of this class is that teachers will continue to guide and teach students to interact and discuss on different topics. In addition to broadening their reading horizons, it is of great help to improve students' English speaking and listening skills.

🎯 Native English speaking teachers will also correct students' pronunciation problems in class.

🎯 The topics and vocabulary that students learn in this class will also greatly benefit their writing and reading.

The English speaking proficiency of Hong Kong students (including elite students) often lags far behind their reading and writing abilities, and there is a need in enhancing their speaking proficiency. Students will benefit a lot from this for furthering their studies in the future!