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Interview Training

Speaking Proficiency Boosting & Seconday Schools Interview Prep Class

《Speaking Proficiency Boosting & Seconday Schools Interview Prep Class》
In this Zoom class, native speaker teachers will guide and train students to improve and enhance their English speaking proficiency, and to better prepare for answering the interview questions. It provides a very good opportunity and English environment for students to conduct daily conversations in English and  group interview practice. The teacher will guide students to improve through the training process.

👉🏻 Read aloud in English
👉🏻 Reading comprehension Q&A
👉🏻 Picture description/storytelling
👉🏻 Self-introduction in English
👉🏻 Q&A and group discussion

K2/K3 English Prep for P1 Promotion & Interview

🎯 For kindergarten kids, the learning focus is on vocabulary building, phonics, pronunciation, recitation and sentence pattern. 🎯 In between the reading and speaking classes, daily life conversation and speaking sessions will be brought in to nurture children's ability to "speak like a native". 🎯 For K2 & K3, the programme covers P1 interview related content and training 🍏Q&A 🍉Words & pronunciation 🍇Number recognition 🍓Show & Tell 🍑Storytelling 🍎Read aloud